Visit Foro Annonario

If you come to Senigallia and ask where is the Foro Annonario, only few are able to give you an indication.

The Foro Annonario is known by Senigalla citizens as the Piazza delle Erbe, as has always been home to the fruit and vegetable market in the city.
Every day in fact dozens of local producers find themselves with their own stall in the square to offer you the wonders produced by our earth.

The Foro Annonario contains within it the fish market, located in a unique and charming where rows of marble tables “home” still the freshest fish freshly caught.

If during the day the Foro Annonario is the theater of life of Senigallia, with the ladies who buy fruits and star chefs of Senigallia choosing the best fish and vegetables for their meals, at night it is no exception.

Local, Bistrot, Pubs and restaurants open their doors to the night life and the oven Annonario becomes the heart of the city, a stone’s throw from the Corso and near other beautiful monuments of the Centre.

Many initiatives and events are organizes and in the Foro Annonario , the first of all the Summer Jamboree, concerts, award ceremonies and shows.

In the left wing, close to the river, home to the municipal library of Senigallia called Library Antonelliana, where every day many young people go to studdiare and cultural activities.

The library has been recently restored, as well as the whole complex of the Foro Annonario.

Monument of certain suggestion was also the set of a TV commercial produced by a major German car manufacturer, who chose Senigallia and the Foro as an ideal environment for communication class, sophistication, tradition and love of life.

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