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Doing the client at the Hotel Mastai in Senigallia is a delight.

Every client has rights that we are so sure to guarantee, that we put them in black and white.

  1. Every client shall not be entitled to only the breakfast. They have the right to have the best breakfast possible.
  2. Every client is entitled to have the space they need to feel comfortable especially when they are in the room. For this reason each room has something in common: the best habitability.
  3. Every client is entitled to high-speed wi-fi connection. Now the world runs. And you have to be in line with the time.
  4. Every client is mobile. In addition to a spacious parking for your car, you will also have bicycles and shuttle bus during July and August that connects the hotel Mastai to the beach, all completely free.
  5. Every client is entitled about the information. Our staff will be happy to inform you about all the places that can be visited around and the best shops and restaurants that only a local person might know.
  6. Every client is entitled to use of the best technologies to connect to their business and to meet other businessmen.
  7. Every client can reserve, for their business, meeting rooms available inside the structure.
  8. Who is disabled is entitled to 4 dedicated rooms.
  9. Every client is entitled to the quiet: our rooms are completely soundproofed.
  10. Every client is entitled to smile, kindness and friendliness of our staff.